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CONSULTING - NCQA PCMH Certified Content Expert

Why Become a NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home?

- Reduce costs and improve outcomes
- Meet CMS requirements to increase reimbursement
- Increase reimbursement from private insurers
- Establish your practice as a leader in the community
- Attract new patients to your practice
- Maintain existing patient base
- Separate your practice from others that are not PCMH

NC Tenenbaum, PCMH CCE, is certified to work closely with medical practices, FQHCs and health clinics in their comprehensive efforts to become NCQA Recognized Patient-Centered Medical Homes.

NC has completed training for the NCQA 2014 PCMH and can work with your practice(s) to secure NCQA recognition. The effort to become a NCQA PCMH is lengthy and complex, and with the help of NC, the process is more streamlined, organized and comprehensive. Personnel specifically assigned to this task are overburdened and require training, expertise and information about specific products, procedures and software to meet requirements and secure recognition. NC consults directly with Medical Directors and HIT personnel to move your practice quickly into NCQA
Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition.

NC has the unique ability to proficiently interpret medical information for various audiences through strong presentation, written, verbal and video communications skills. With these skills, NC can provide additional services to help develop effective communication materials for your doctors, nurses, PAs and patients about the Patient-Centered Medical Home, Patient Education Materials, Seminar Materials and all your communications needs. NC has the ability to effectively present benefits of becoming a Patient-Centered Medical Home facility to healthcare providers including doctors, nurses, PAs, MAs, etc.


  CONTACT:   NC Tenenbaum, PCMH CCE
  Medical Communication and Healthcare Reform Specialist
  914-244-0559 (USA)   /   NC@MedicalFrontiers.com